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About Us

Growing healthy and convenient produce from day one.

Nishimori family photo


It all started in 1976 when Roy Nishimori founded San Miguel Produce, Inc. in Oxnard, CA. Continuing the Nishimori family’s farming legacy, we focused on growing bulk commodities, like lettuce and celery, for our first 20 years. As we saw a shift in the industry, we transitioned our efforts to the niche category of dark leafy greens in 1995. With our fresh cut processing facility, our cornerstone brand, Cut ‘N Clean Greens, was born as the 1st washed and ready to use cooking greens in a bag.

Today, we live, work and breathe greens exclusively, offering the most varieties of organic and conventional specialty and comfort greens year-round.

From day one, our family farm has been focused on growing healthy and convenient produce. After 4 generations, this remains true and we continue to innovate and find easy, sustainable solutions for you and your family to consume dark leafy greens more often.

Our Brands

Cut ‘N Clean Greens, the original washed and ready to use cooking greens in a bag, brings you a variety of cuts and blends of all your favorite specialty and comfort greens. Available in a variety of sizes and in organic and conventional, you’ll be sure to find a bag that works for your lifestyle.

Jade product lineup

Jade Asian Greens was launched in 2010 as the 1st ready to use line of Asian greens. Traditional Asian vegetables, like Bok Choy, are now more convenient that ever. Washed and wok ready for your traditional dishes, or ready to use raw in a salad or smoothie.

The Growing Standard of Greens

Our goal is to provide an easy solution for busy consumers to conveniently eat nutritious greens by eliminating the time-consuming task of washing and cutting. Since 1995, San Miguel Produce has focused on providing America with the largest variety of dark leafy greens year-round.

It all starts in Ventura County, CA, an area known for its rich soil, moderate temperatures and abundant sunshine. This makes it the perfect place to grow all our dark leafy greens year-round.

With our fresh-cut processing plant near our fields, we harvest daily to ensure our valued customers get the very best farm fresh greens…which is our definition of “Farm Fresh, Grower Direct”. It’s our promise that we will continue to find new ways to bring healthy and sustainable dark leafy green options to your table.

The San Miguel Timeline

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San Miguel Produce, Inc. started by growing commodity produce like celery, broccoli and lettuce.

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Cut ‘N Clean Greens is launched as the first washed and ready-to-use line of cooking greens.

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San Miguel Produce shifts their focus 100% to specialty and comfort greens.

field of lettuces

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Cut ‘N Clean Greens launches their first full line of organic specialty greens.

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Jade Asian Greens is launched as the first ready-to-use line of Asian greens.

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SUPERGreens salads are launched as the first nutrient-dense ready-to-use salad greens.

product lineup of SUPERGreens salads

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San Miguel Produce, Inc. opens a new fresh-cut facility allowing for increased growth and innovation with customers.

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Cut ‘N Clean Greens fresh Kale Chip Kits are launched as a great snacking item for the new year!