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Our bagged greens are all conveniently washed and ready to use. Rinsing greens prior to use is fine, but not necessary.

Bunch or bulk green should always be washed prior to use.

All bagged greens can be stored in their existing packaging. Reseal open bags with a clip and store in the crisper drawer. All bunch or bulk greens should be stored unwashed in an air-tight plastic bag and stored in the crisper drawer.

Greens are ethylene sensitive products and should be stored separately from ethylene producing products, like apples and berries, to help maintain quality and shelf life.

No. All San Miguel Produce greens are free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

All greens are harvested above the stem, well into the greens portion of the leaf. However, depending on the maturity of the plant the middle vein of the leaf may vary in thickness and can often be confused for a stem.

Of course! The middle vein of the greens, often confused for a stem, is edible. In fact, they are an important part of the greens, containing more of certain nutrients than the leafy part of the plant.  And though they’re edible, they do take a little longer to cook!

They are also great used in smoothies or juices, as the stems typically contain more moisture.

It is recommended to consume greens by the best by date on the bag. We have seen our greens last well beyond the best by date, but it is ultimately up to the consumers discretion.

Wet, moist or off smelling greens should always be discarded, no matter the best by date listed.

Sure thing! That’s one of our favorite ways to eat greens. We love turnip greens in a salad, collard greens in a smoothie and mustard greens as a substitute for lettuce in a sandwich or burger!

Yes! You can freeze greens prior to their best by date directly in their packaging for 2-3 weeks. Use greens directly from the freezer. Do not thaw.

*Use caution when cooking frozen greens in hot oil, as oil may splatter.

All our greens are great in a smoothie or juice. For smoothies, blend greens with liquid first, then add other fruit and veggies for a smoother texture.

Our greens are naturally more bitter than other green vegetables that you might be familiar with. Citrus and vinegar are great ingredients to help cut the bitterness. For salads, massage greens with dressing and let it sit for 30 minutes before consuming. When cooking greens, finish with a squeeze of lemon or splash of balsamic vinegar.

No. We do not use added chemicals or preservatives when packaging our greens.

Our packaging falls under recycle code #5. Please check your local recycling specifications for curb side pickup.